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� Comics - Chapter 1 page 13 - April 30th, 2011, 5:03 pm

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Catfish bear 8< what does that mean?

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The Management Says:
xkrazydog, April 30th, 2011, 11:13 am

Sorry for the lateness guys. School was overwhelming but now it's died down a bit to the point that i couldnt even update complete pages without my eyes and hands bleeding from projects. On other news graduation is coming up! I'm going to be old ;w;.

Many news:
I owe about 3 updates now. So i'll be posting a new page tomorrow night and monday night and then the usual tuesday update to catch up. =D So look forward to it maybe?

-By the way, if you backtrack i updated the toned pages in the shoujo scene as well as rewrote most of the dialogue so it flows better! Take a gander if you like.

-I FINALLY printed out the first chapter as a minicomic! I spread it out in my school convention and its the complete first chapter, at lasttt~. Even though it's just copy paper and staples, i'm so proud of myself >w<. Hopefully by mid summer i'll have an actual digital printed semi professional book for you guys to get your hands on for those who want to read the first chapter in advance!

Anyway, that's it for now =D Till tomorrow then!

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User Comments:
Mimi-Evelyn, May 1st, 2011, 9:32 am

Huzzah!! ^^ Well done on your book! I'll be sure to put in an order when I have money :)

I've decided I like Theodore. The jacket/hoodie/turtleneck combo is always a winner for me, he seems like the "down to earth - voice of truth" one in the story, though I could be wrong XD

In fact its just occurred to me; he must be boiling seeing as he's got so many layers on when Ed's only wearing a Tshirt and body-warmer? (I'm picking really stupid holes here XP)

Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic, May 1st, 2011, 10:13 am

Haha I love this so far
Everything looks so nice~ 0A0

Guest, May 1st, 2011, 5:19 pm

Is Ed a girl? And the guy with long hair a guy? (So confused... I'm no good with genders...)

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